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The organization, Road Race Travel

The official establishment took place Road Race Travel in October 1999. During the motor RAI that year Jaap Keijer, Johan van Dalen and Richard Kolsters put their heads together to organize something v.w.b. the joint visit of motorcycle racing.

The result of this meeting was that the then driving force behind Road Racing Express, Mr. Bart Tuenter died suddenly on 7 January 1999. That year, it was not possible to also visit the races with an organized tour. There was a void originated for the organization of this type of travel. For the true racing enthusiast was a great loss. Through the years we all had built up a large circle of acquaintances there and there was still demand for the continuation of such an organization.

After developing the plan's Road Race Travel notarial founded in December 1999 and registered with the Chamber of Commerce in January 2000. Good spirits we also started our new hobby. Through the years, Jaap and Johan stopped the work. Of the founders is still only Richard Kolsters. After Richard Arum stopping Jaap has added to the board.

Since December 31, 2005 is Road Race Travel ceased to exist as a foundation and organized by the chamber of commerce. The reason is that the foundation had enough members. There is a new form of company chosen by mid-2006 and Road Race Travel restarted under the same name.

Due to our busy work in everyday life, we have not as extensive as our program in the early years. For this we have therefore chosen deliberately, because we ourselves have no income from Road Race Travel. We ourselves look like to races and the best is to do this together. Our hobby we also persevere because we always have a cozy club together where the atmosphere is pleasant.

Because we have no income from the whole, we are able to maintain reasonable prices. Quality and service are our top priority. Therefore, we always reserve the prettiest places and best stand (more expensive) hotels. This then is also preferred over quantity and beautiful sales pitch. Advice you get absolutely free seven days a week.

Because of our daily work, we are not accessible at any time. We ask for your understanding. However, it is possible to achieve both of one of us during a trip always. Generally it is best in the evening after 19:00 or at the weekend to contact us. If you get no answer please leave a message on the answering machine or try it later again.

We prefer to give a good service then we sell sweet talk.

Then we want to introduce ourselves to you briefly say:

Richard Kolsters lives in Best and visits since 1990 races both at home and abroad. After seeing the Dutch TT, he was immediately sold to motorsport. Besides self motorcycle (Yamaha R1) shooting speed sports, macro photography and wedding photography his hobby. In everyday life he has a management position with a powder coating company in Eindhoven. Best are the administration and organization.

Richard Arum lives in hong kong and visits since 1970 all kind of races where it is driven by motors. Motorsport is a true addiction for him and he visits as possible every weekend a contest. Whether it is a GP, Superbike, ONK or motocross. These races he mainly visited on his favorite motorcycle viz Ducati. Combining Road Race Travel races visit is his biggest hobby. In daily life he works for a reputable car company in Bilthoven.

We try to be as best possible service and are, therefore, seven days a week for you.