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Niklas Pfeifer

Last year we charge and with a little discount crossings arranged for Niklas Pfeiffer from Germany. The coming season we will do so again. It sets no grist to the mill, but we believe that every little bit helps.

In return he makes promotion and advertising for us in Germany, and during the Road Races in England and Ireland. The important thing is that these guys keep driving and racing enthusiast look beautiful and exciting races. Ultimately, the Road Races very beautiful and very spectacular and there are a lot of enthusiasts.

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Kas Beekmans

We also sponsor an upcoming talent in the coming year. This Kas Beekmans from Boxtel.

Last year he drove in the pocket bikes and will make the transition to the NSF cup. Kas is at time of writing 10 years old and dreams of a GP career. Meanwhile, participation in the NSF cup has been confirmed and we wish him every success.

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